Our agent is designed to work with most use-cases. Below you will find details on versioning, application stacks, and known incompatibility issues.

Version Support

The Bearer Agent supports PHP 5.6 or higher. It requires the following extensions:

HTTP request support

The Bearer PHP Agent supports any CURL request (single and multiples), as well as the following clients:

If your application is using a client that isn't supported, let us know!

Known limitations

Features not supported

The Python agent currently supports a subset of Bearer's features, including the primary monitoring experience. The following are coming soon, but not currently supported:

  • Remediations: Currently, the PHP Agent does not support active remediations.

Receiving Support

If you experience an issue installing or using the agent, let us know! You can contact us directly, chat with a member of the team using the Intercom icon in the lower right corner of this page, or check out our Help Center.